Wireless on Wheels


Being able to connect our students and families to digital resources and online learning opportunities is imperative during these difficult and uncertain times. However, many of our families do not have access to internet

The mission of W.O.W. is to bring internet access to various locations throughout Louisa County. In addition to our pre-established WiFi Zones at each school, W.O.W will help bring the internet to rural locations and cut down on the amount of travel time it takes to connect students with an abundance of learning resources.

What is W.O.W.?

W.O.W, which stands for wireless on wheels, is a new innovative solution designed and built by Louisa County Public Schools. It is 100% self-sufficient and only requires a parking space. It provides a WiFi signal to a 200ft radius that can support approximately five devices at once. The internet service is provided by Louisa County Public Schools and has a content filter to ensure appropriate use. All of the electrical components are locked inside a water tight box for safety.

Louisa County County Public Schools owns the idea, design and all rights for W.O.W..

The site is made available for public school systems that would like to make their own W.O.W unit. The plans are made available as is. You are responsible to ensure the safety of anything you produce.

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